I’m James Miller, a programmer and designer of games, and this site is home to my digital portfolio. Here you can find previous projects¬†that I have worked on, along with my resume.

As of Spring 2018, I have just finished my final semester at the University of Central Florida. During the semester, I served as Tech Lead and as a programmer on a team of 11 students in a Game Design Workshop. Using Unreal Engine 4, we are developed a 3rd person thieving game called Ransacked, which was featured on the front page of Itch! Work done on this project can be viewed here.

Over the summer, I will continue working as an Undergraduate Research Assistant for the University’s Virtual Arboretum Project. The main goal of the project is to create a simulation of a sample of the arboretum to promote interactive education. As a tech lead on the project, my responsibilities are to work with another programmer on implementing access to the project’s website on WordPress in engine on interaction with any foliage in the simulation. I am also responsible for the creation of the height maps, the terrain, and for the implementation of realistic placement of foliage using density data.

If you would like to get in touch with me, feel free to do so here!